Moving On

It’s time… Let the healing begin, let God’s Grace pour over me.

Betrayal, lies, and hurts are only temporary, earthly issues… My rewards in Heaven will be worth the pains of today. I have so many thoughts, so many words burning in my mind, mouth, and soul…. I’m on fire to write again, and write I shall…. Only you will need to be prepared…. Those of you that read this blog will see a different side of me, this is my blog, my place to vent, to praise, to call out people, to be totally un-politically correct, to nurture, to have fun, to teach, and to learn…. If I offend anyone in my future posts, then too bad, so sad…. Move along little tender heart… I no longer have the patience to placate and soothe those of you who are wimpy…. I’m moving on…. To be real, to be brutally honest, and frankly, I will probably piss a lot of people off. But guess what? I don’t flipping care, go write your own blog if you don’t like what I say here, perhaps you can’t handle the truth and want to live in your world of rainbows and unicorns…. Well pucker up buttercup, it has to rain to get a rainbow and unicorns aren’t real, but I they were, guess what? They would poop…. On the ground, and you’d probably step in it….. So strap on your seat belts folks….. We are gonna have quite the ride!!!


New Traditions

Again, another break up, the same man as last year, exactly the same date as the man the prior year…. Another heartbreak before the holidays…. Is it a curse? No, it’s God’s way of telling me I need to focus on Him, that He is my tradition, that He is my priority, my focus should be on Him and thankfully again, he has provided for me, not only with long lost relatives for Thanksgiving, and loving friends to be the balm to my heart that seems to always get broken this time of year who keep showing me true Godly love, friendship, and genuine caring, but that His love NEVER FAILS.  Human love appears to be temporary and conditional, where as He and He alone will always love and provide for me….. Thank you Abba Daddy for loving me so very much and blessing me with the perfect people at the perfect time, and for removing the ones that don’t belong in Your plans for me….Amen!


I grew up in a family of mismatched people and no traditional celebrations other than birthdays.  We were different from most families, but we were the “fun” family.  People always wanted to hang out with us at our house.  I suppose that could be considered a tradition in itself.  No matter where we lived, it was always a given that the place to hang out was at my house.

When I was young I longed to have the traditional family.  The gatherings, the long lost cousins coming to visit once a year on Thanksgiving or Christmas.  We didn’t have extended family.  There was no one to come.  I promised myself when I grew up and had my own family, I would ALWAYS have a traditional get together on the holidays, inviting many friends and family to feel the love I wanted to share.

Welcome to reality.  By the time I…

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