Good grief! What am I doing?

So many people have said to me, “you should start a blog”…. and I just smile and say, yeah sure, in my spare time, and seriously, who really CARES what I have to say, what I’m thinking, or what I’m feeling? So much of the world is caught up in their own “me-isms”…. not enough compassion left over from their own selves to even blink an eyelash at anything any one else may have to say?  Perhaps just too busy with “life stuff”?  After all….. I get a tad distracted myself at times.

So, here I am, attempting to be a writer of my very first blog. Who knows what will come out of my fingertips as I punch the keys on my MAC. All I can do is pray I sound halfway intelligent, not ramble and muse too much, and hopefully keep the drivel to a minimum as to not bore anyone to tears…. well, if anyone else even reads what is posted here.

I’m going to give this blog thingy a chance, and see what comes of it…. don’t expect any professional writing finesse-a-bilities, and definitely expect to laugh a lot, cry some, and perhaps even reminisce a bit……. if anything, maybe it will help me to get my own randomness into some sort of order…. bwahahahahahahaha, yeah right, as much as I love to laugh and have fun, randomness is way more my style….. so here we go………